Dr. Orit Galili-Zucker works closely with politicians, advising them on how to navigate the relationship between politics and media. She specializes both in mainstream and social media.

Dr. Galili-Zucker’s consulting is based on the quantitative and qualitative research that she undertakes within the context of her work with political and public organizations and individual politicians.

Over the last decade Dr. Orit Galili-Zucker has served as a Political Communications Advisor for Ehud Barak (former Israeli prime minister and defence minister), Buji Herzog (current opposition leader), and Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli prime minister).

Family Background

Dr. Orit Galili-Zucker was born in Jerusalem. Her parents were among the first to relocate from the capital to Tel Aviv, a city rife with opportunities for a young couple.

Dr. Galili-Zucker grew up in a politically divided home – her mother supported leftist parties such as Sheli, HaOlam HaZeh, and Meretz, and her father was close to the Revisionist worldview, which he abandoned later in favor of the political center. Her parents’ opposing influences are reflected today in her moderate political and socio-economic views – she describes herself as adhering to the “sane” center.

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Professional Background

After completing her bachelor’s degree in sociology and political science, Dr. Galili-Zucker started her career as a political journalist and editor with the Ha’Ir and Haaretz newspaper.

After receiving her Doctorate in Political Science, Dr. Galili-Zucker moved to academia where she lectured at all the key universities in Israel. During her time as an academic she also published two books (in Hebrew):

The Tele-Politicians: New Political Leadership in the West and in Israel (Ramot Publishing House, 2004)—a book which paints a portrait of the new breed of political leaders in the Western and Israeli arena. It includes an analysis of the Clinton, Blair and Schroder trio versus the Netanyahu, Barak and Ramon trio.

Contemporary Communication Politics (Ramot Publishing House, 2008)—a book which describes the accelerated changes taking place in journalism, in the work of journalists, and the status of the press.

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