Dr. Orit Galili-Zucker is an expert in the fields of political leadership and communications, on which she often lectures at universities, academic conferences and discussion panels.

She is often invited by the key Israel media outlets to discuss and provide commentaries on current political issues.

Media and Politics – In a Nutshell

Political leaders in the 21stst century who are not media virtuosos have nothing to seek in politics. This trend began in the 1960’s in the United States with the election of President John F. Kennedy. It intensified in the 1980’s with Ronald Reagan’s two presidential electoral victories. Ronald Reagan, a film actor, was known as the “Great Communicator”, a term whose relevance is only increasing with time.

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Television charisma and the accessibility of social media remains a key preoccupation of political leaders today (Trump, Obama, Clinton, Netanyahu, Cameron, Putin, Erdogan). It seems that it is becoming the single most important indicator of electoral success.

Dr. Galili-Zucker’s lectures

Her lectures focus on the contemporary political communications phenomena in western democracies and in Israel and deal with Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership style, his electoral victories, and the repeated and varying failures of the Israeli Left. The lectures also focus on the status of Israeli democracy, the polarization and division of Israeli society, how to build a political effective campaigns and the million-dollar question: whether the Israeli media is leftist and whether the prime minister’s “paranoia” is justified by the behavior of media outlets in Israel towards him. Below are some examples of her lectures’ topics:

  • Is Netanyahu the Israeli Trump?
  • Bibi, Lapid, Herzog and Livni: What characterizes them in the race for Prime Minister? The ideal leadership formula in the 21st Century
  • Why are ‘reality show leaders’ successful?
  • Why are we attracted to leaders like Putin, Trump, and Erdogan?
  • Is the media a guard dog or a business oriented?

Dr Galili-Zucker’s lectures are always up to date, including the most recent developments and trends in political communications. Her lectures are tailored specifically to the target audience and are interactive, providing her audience with opportunities to actively participate in the debate.