Dr. Orit Galili-Zucker, with her and in-depth knowledge of the media and the political world, provides media consulting services to politicians, public figures and organizations.  Her goal is to preserve their positive image and, in cases of negative changes to that image, to address and rectify the situation. Dr. Galili-Zucker’s past media consulting clients include Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former Prime Minister and Defence Minister Ehud Barak and the Head of the Labor Party, Yitzhak Herzog.

The New Era of Media

The era in which we are living is one characterized by a proliferation of channels and information that is available in seconds, and so the complex relationship between the media and the objects of its coverage has been made even more complicated. Today, even a politician or public figure who is experienced in creating a specific narrative, is liable to suffer from sudden changes in his public image. The new reality of today’s media world requires ongoing brand maintenance, and  the micro-management of a person’s public image – also known in professional circles as The Permanent Campaign.

Media Consulting Services

  • Creating a message bank—the messages to be passed on by the client via the media will be determined and refined. The “message bank” will help the media and public recognize the client as “the expert” on these issues.
  • Rebranding of one’s media image—in certain cases, a public figure’s brand is either unclear, incomplete or lacking altogether.  Sometimes, a client lacks credibility in the public’s eye, or an event has tarnished his popularity. In these cases, a rebranding strategy is developed to address the issue.
  • Analysis of the relevant media landscape – all the key players in the relevant media arena are mapped out, including those whose messages are in favor and against the client. On the basis of this analysis, a media strategy is devised that includes where and when to appear across the various media outlets and what are the key messages which should be disseminated .
  • Public exposure levels – based on the client’s current media representation and tailored research, tactical strategies are shaped. Concrete decisions are made on whether to increase or decrease media exposure, and to which extent, where and how.
  • Creating positive and negative media campaigns— based on the competitor landscape and on tailored research, a decision is made on whether to adopt a positive or a negative media campaign. The contents and key messages of the campaign are then agreed and refined.

Research Services

Dr. Galili-Zucker provides research services to politicians and political parties, public figures, and organizations. Tailored research is a critical element of a successful campaign and in maintaining positive public opinion and targeted perceptions. Dr. Galili-Zucker is currently working with an MP from the “Yesh Atid” Party, a candidate running for the Head of the Labor Party, and a left wing political think tank.

The research services include assistance throughout the whole process:

Defining the scope of the research – based on discussions with the client about his or her goals, the scope of the research is defined, including the target audience and other key parameters.

Conducting the research –  The research is  conducted in collaboration with polling firms and if required with relevant academic institutions.

Deriving a strategy – based on the insights from the research, a going forward strategy is developed together with the client. The strategy is practical and includes tactical elements such as how to act during the campaign, what should be the messages the client focuses on and how can these be effectively disseminated.

Evaluating the strategy – throughout the campaign, the effectiveness of the strategy is assessed and adjustments are made where required.