Dr. Galili-Zucker provides research services to politicians and political parties, public figures, and organizations. Tailored research is a critical element of a successful campaign and necessary to maintaining a positive public opinion and perception. Dr. Galili-Zucker is currently working with an MP from the “Yesh Atid” Party, a candidate running for Head of the Labor Party, and a left wing political think tank.

The research services include assistance throughout the whole process:

  • Defining the scope of the research – based on discussions with the client about his or her goals, the scope of the research is defined, including the target audience and other key parameters.
  • Conducting the research – The research is conducted in collaboration with polling firms and if required with relevant academic institutions.
  • Deriving a strategy – based on the insights from the research, a going forward strategy is developed together with the client. The strategy is practical and includes tactical elements such as how to act during the campaign, what should be the messages the client focuses on and how can these be effectively disseminated.
  • Evaluating the strategy – throughout the campaign, the effectiveness of the strategy is assessed and adjustments are made where required.