Dr. Orit Galili-Zucker is a highly experienced political communications advisor.  She advises senior politicians and public figures, heads of nonprofit and private organizations, and businessmen who need to know how to best leverage the media’s power to their advantage.

Politicians that Dr. Galili-Zucker has advised include Ehud Barak, Yitzhak Herzog, and Benjamin Netanyahu.


Political Consulting Services

Dr. Galili-Zucker’s advisory services cover some of the following aspects of political communications:

  • Analysis of the relevant political landscape  – which  includes the mapping of the key power players (both supporters and opponents) and their agendas. The analysis covers the key players – both those external and internal to one’s own camp/political party.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of political candidate or public figureare mapped out. A strategy is then developed to promote the strengths and manage the weaknesses in media representation.
  • Differentiation and branding – What differentiates a client from his competitors is analyzed and distilled into a unique, well defined and communicable public character. The client’s speaking style, perspectives, key messages will all form part of what makes up his media character and brand.
  • Creating a world of content – Key topics and issues that should be on the client’s agenda are identified and detailed. It is important to ensure integrity and synchronicity between the client’s brand/persona and the issues he identifies with and addresses across the various media outlets.

Strategies for leveraging one’s power – the development of short and long term media strategies to help the client build support for his ideas and visions